Working Remotely With GoldMine's CRM System
Join Our GoldMine Live Webinar With Q&A Session

Thurs MAR 26th @2pm (EST)


About This Live Webinar: 

With the recent situation and realities of doing business during the corona / COVID-19 outbreak, many companies have forced their employees to work from home. We realize how this might be impacting your business. As an effort ot help, GoldMine CRM has put togher this webinar and some special offers. We have a number of remote working capabilities built into our CRM product and we want to make sure that you are aware of your options. 

  • Learn about GoldMine's remote access capabilities
  • What is GoldMine Cloud and does it make sense for my business? 
  • See a demonstration of GoldMine running on Mobile Phones
  • Tips to keep in touch with customers 
  • Benefits of actually owning your CRM


Special Offers Now Available:
We have 4 special promotions currently running that can greatly help you save money on CRM. Attend this webinar for more details*



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